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Expert metallurgical analysis & process consulting for the metal additive manufacturing industry.
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What We Do

Verifying Metallurgical Quality

We enable you to build quality parts on the foundation of a controlled process and provide quantifiable metrics to monitor your metallurgical process over time.  We handle metallurgical and mechanical characterization of as-manufactured and heat-treated material, powder characterization, and non-destructive evaluation of AM parts.


Process Diagnostics

Your 3D printer is great! Until it is not. When your process goes off course, we have the expertise to guide you back on track.

Post-Build Processing

Get the most out of your part!  Rocket City Laboratories will handle surface powder removal and part cleaning, heat treatment (stress relief, HIP, hardening, etc.), and surface treatment (processing to achieve desired surface quality).

Our Work Flow


Contact Us

We would love to discuss how we might be able to help and pride ourselves on building strong customer relationships.

Send Us a Sample

3D Print a small sample and send it to us for a detailed analysis.


We Deliver the Analysis

We will perform a quick turnaround metallurgical analysis of your sample, compile the data and build a historical record of your machine performance, and deliver an informative report to your inbox.

Ongoing Reporting

Take full of advantage of our pricing by signing up for our monthly analysis plan.

Historical Machine Performance

Don’t get caught off guard. Get a handle on when your 3D printer might need some maintenance.

Our Work Flow

Machine Performance

Build Plate Mapping

How it Works

We analyze samples from multiple locations across the build plate.


Why evaluate the entire build plate?

  • To confirm that the energy delivered to the various regions of the plate are sufficient to fully consolidate the feedstock material.
  • To assure that a metallurgical process is in place that provides quality products across the entire build region.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Rocket City Laboratories, we provide a suite of routine analyses to support metal additive manufacturing and 3D printing. Please contact us with any questions that are not answered here.

Why focus on Microstructural Analysis?

Microstructural analysis is the only means by which quality and health of the additive manufacturing process can be directly observed and evaluated.

What kind of clients do you work with?
We serve those who manufacture 3D printed metal parts, regardless of the industry. We have experience with a variety of common and some uncommon alloys. Contact us to discuss your needs.
What is your turn around time?
We aim to deliver results within 48 hours of receipt of your sample. We will confirm the schedule before your order is finalized.

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